Announcing a New!

Preciate is thrilled to announce a brand new website to kick off 2022. Welcome to the new!

What’s changed?

We’ve got a new logo, a bold new color palette, and a streamlined site to help spread the word about Preciate.

There’s never been a better time for hybrid and remote workers, and Preciate was designed for the hybrid workplace to promote authentic connection between people and teams. Our Social Presence® platform was built to invigorate virtual experiences, foster strong company culture, and actually accelerate every aspect of a business. 

Throughout the past few years of remote and hybrid working, we’ve come to understand that many virtual meetings and events are uninspiring and downright boring. And being a team of engineers and designers, we set out to change that. We love building human connection, and we love technology. And Preciate was born to put those two things together: human connection via technology.

In order to establish genuine connection in a virtual or hybrid workplace, people need to be authentic, and that means being able to naturally move around a virtual space the way they would in a physical space together. The Preciate platform allows people to do that.

Rather than being stuck in a tile, meeting attendees can move freely, from conversation to conversation. Our Audio Proximity tool means that, just like in real life, you only hear the groups of people around you. If you want to chat separately with a different person or group of people, you can all just move away to the side for a side conversation. Just like real life.

Now back to this redesign. Because the Preciate brand celebrates connection and engagement within a virtual space, we wanted to boldly embrace this notion in our rebrand. To bring a visual sense of it into our logo, the bubble was chosen to echo the user’s existence within the platform. The mature blue color of our logo is accented with vibrant, organic shapes to represent the fluidity of interpersonal connections, providing a sense of playfulness and energy. We want to make it clear that movement is one of the key differentiators of the Preciate platform over other legacy meeting tools.

Aside from movement of course, we have our premium music playlists, to add ambiance and background music to your meeting or event. (How fun is a networking event with music? You won’t know until you’ve experienced it.)

preciate website

And each virtual room can be customized to match the particular event theme or just match your brand. You can even add room items in the room to serve as decoration or points of navigation…which can be anything from your company’s core values to your sales pitch.

And of course, you can’t have a new website without new messaging. Our new primary headline is, “When relationships matter, Preciate gets you there.” In the business world, it is all about relationships. Relationships ALWAYS matter, and there are very few instances in which strong relationships are not the driving force behind successful outcomes. 

For HR, Preciate can be used to improve company culture and increase employee engagement. It’s also great for virtual recruiting and onboarding. For sales and marketing, you can host engaging events and use dynamic meetings to build better relationships. For brands, it’s an opportunity to showcase your brand in the virtual meeting space that your team, your investors, and your prospects spend so much time in.

So yes, Preciate is different than other virtual meeting tools. The Preciate brand has evolved into something new and BOLD, and we’re hoping our new website helps clarify why Preciate is beloved by our many users around the world.

Would you like to try it out for yourself? You can test Preciate out for free anytime, or request a demo from one of our team members for a personalized walkthrough of how Preciate can help you build healthier relationships and accelerate your business.

Don’t just meet. Preciate.