Announcing Turnkey Meeting Services

Scoot is now offering Turnkey Meeting Services to help make your next big meeting or event great, without having to lift a finger. 

Our users love how Scoot allows them to replicate the in-person experience and create genuine engagement in every meeting. And for those of you who feel like you don’t have the resources to plan or execute these large virtual meetings or want a little extra support, we’re here to help!

Innovative leaders know how important big team meetings are to drive business growth and success. Setting the tone, energizing the team, specifying goals, and presenting results are common items for any successful meeting. Scoot allows you to replicate the in-person experience and create real engagement that leaders need. For our customers who don’t have the resources to plan and execute these large virtual meetings, Scoot is pleased to offer our Turnkey Meeting Experience Services.

What Are Turnkey Meeting Services?
Scoot is here to handle the heavy lifting of managing and executing your meetings. Each meeting package includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Agenda planning
  • Organization of networking during arrivals and departures
  • Room design and creation
  • Setup connected rooms and breakout areas
  • Speaker / resource preparation
  • Run of meeting session
  • Templated emails for pre- and post-meeting communications
  • Live support during the meeting (up to 2 hours)
  • Assist users with joining meeting
  • Managing breakouts
  • Run Q&A and polling

Interested in our service offerings for an upcoming meeting or event? To schedule a consultation, click the link below or reach out to us at