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Comprehensive Post-Meeting Insights

  • After every meeting or event, receive a detailed report of your interactions. Know who you spoke with, who caught your interest, and who you networked with.
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Why Do Companies Around the World Love Scoot?

Natural Movement

In Scoot, participants move naturally through virtual spaces, allowing them to be authentically present and strike up spontaneous conversations.

Realistic Audio

Volume grows softer or louder depending on your proximity to people. Move from one conversation to another to build better relationships.

Customizable Room

With custom backgrounds, diverse music selections, and room items, every meeting is an opportunity to celebrate your brand.


Scoot's mission resonated strongly with us, and the team really cared about helping us to elevate our culture in the midst of our transition to remote work.

Catherine CampbellIT Director

Easy to use and innovative social events platform. The clever mix of audio and visual representation is a winner, it brings people to life in a virtual setting - and it's fun too!

Jonathan HudsonPlatform Partner Manager

Scoot has been a lifeline for our teams. We brought our sales, customer success, and services teams together, which builds trust and only makes our culture stronger.

Mathilde HenryEMEA Director

The ability to move around the room makes it feel like you are in an actual live room as you would in a regular in-person happy hour.

Kayla MolpusHuman Resources Generalist

It's created this great connection, which actually helps business. It helps the whole team just trust everyone more and just feel more connected to each other.

Dean GuidaCEO

With a virtual team, there is a level of connection that can be missing, and Scoot helps to bridge that gap that a bunch of tiles cannot. Scoot helps to bring some humanity to this remote work.

Alec MBusiness Analyst

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