Hosting an Epic Virtual Holiday Party

When your team is in a hybrid or remote working situation, holiday party planning takes on even more challenges than usual. You can realize the benefits of throwing engaging get-togethers during the holiday season and really want to celebrate the hard work of your employees, but scheduling a happy hour on Zoom probably won’t make anyone happy. So how do you plan a fun event for your remote team that is still as engaging and lively as an in-person event? 

The good news is: Yes! It is possible to plan an event where everyone can be included in the fun, no matter where they are located. Virtual holiday parties can be designed to engage and bring joy to your remote workforce. And they can be both accessible and affordable.

Employee attending a virtual holiday party on a laptop.

How to Make Your Virtual Holiday Party Fun

So how can you plan a virtual holiday party that is actually fun and engaging? We’ve got some ideas to help you out! 

1. Choose the Right Platform

No one wants to go to a party on Zoom. Zoom and Teams are great everyday tools for sharing information or doing presentations. They aren’t great for building relationships, having individual conversations, or socializing in general. Luckily there are alternatives. 

Scoot is reinventing virtual meetings. The Scoot platform was designed to boost engagement, by offering attendees control over where they go, who they talk to, and for how long. Unlike the tiles of Zoom, attendees can move around the room in Scoot, from conversation to conversation, just like at a real cocktail party. Hosts can choose from numerous backgrounds and premium music playlists to set the tone for your event! 

2. Choose a Theme

Don’t just invite everyone to a room and consider that a holiday party. That might work in real life, with the addition of food and drinks, but in a virtual setting you need to be a little more creative. Do you want to play games? Make a special cocktail together? Or do you just want to throw up some conversation starters and see what happens? 

Here are a few of our favorite virtual holiday party ideas to help inspire you: 

1. Virtual Gingerbread Wars

Send everyone on your team a gingerbread making kit in advance, then bring them all together to decorate at the same time. Add in some holiday trivia and a few cocktail recommendations, and it’s time to get merry! Gingerbread Man2. Holiday Photo Booth

As with all great photo booths, props are a must. Combine the photo booth with company gifts this year, and send each of your employees an individual prop or a box of props to wear to the party. This can be anything from an Elf’s hat, to reindeer antlers, red or green boas or garland, angel wings, ugly sweaters, or even hats, mittens and scarves. Match the item to the person’s personality, or just send something random. Then get together virtually and take some fun group photos! 

Photo Booth

3. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Have your host shout a holiday-themed item, and give everyone one minute to find each one around the house. This can be anything from red wrapping paper to gingerbread to a menorah or a wrapped gift. The options are limitless. You can award points for the first person to bring it back and share it on screen, or give points to everyone who can find it within the given time. 

4. Virtual Wine, Beer or Whiskey Tasting

If you miss the open bars from your previous parties, this could be a nice alternative. Each employee receives a tasting kit in the mail, and you try them together under the guidance of a sommelier or other expert.

18 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

We’ve compiled some of the best holiday party ideas to help you host an engaging, epic virtual holiday celebration for your team. Download our guide for free access to our top virtual holiday celebration ideas!

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