How to Plan a More Engaging Virtual Sales Kickoff

Sales kickoffs are all about motivation, networking, team-building, leadership and fun. In today’s remote & hybrid working world, with everyone fatigued and disengaged from classic video-conferencing meetings, is it possible to plan a virtual sales kickoff that is fun and engaging?

Sales Meeting

Without the benefit of in-person, face-to-face meetings, the pressure is on for sales leaders to keep the energy up and encourage group participation. There’s nothing worse than putting your time and energy into planning virtual meetings, only to have everyone attending keep their videos off and stay on mute. Not only does the presenter have no visual or audio feedback as to how things are going, but engagement and team building is virtually nonexistent.

When planning a virtual SKO, we can’t just take what worked in person and move the exact same activities online. The agenda needs to be refined, and networking and interactive sessions are critical to helping your team stay motivated and tuned in. (Otherwise, you may as well be talking to a wall.)

We are Scoot, and we offer a radical new approach to virtual meetings and socialization that can help you achieve your goals for every SKO. We have written this guide to help you plan a virtual event that will allow your team to:

● Celebrate Wins

● Build Team Cohesion and Forge Connections

● Get Inspired

● Rally Around New Initiatives

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