Increasing Engagement in Hybrid Events

As event planners, you’ve learned a lot of lessons over the past few years. You’ve pivoted your in-person agendas and content to virtual platforms. You’ve learned new technologies. And now, you’ve combined in-person and virtual events for a hybrid option.

While the pandemic continues to disrupt in-person meetings, and engagement during virtual events wanes, event planners are all looking for new ideas to keep hybrid meetings fresh and interesting, and keep both in-person and virtual attendees engaged.

After hosting thousands of virtual and hybrid events on Scoot, and speaking with many event planners, we’ve identified a few key items that can’t be overlooked when planning a hybrid event.

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From content to networking, this guide covers the main pain points from event planners and attendees alike when it comes to hybrid events. (Spoiler: it isn’t the conference coffee we’re missing). Fill out the form below to access the guide and start increasing engagement in your hybrid events.

Scoot has been used by leading brands around the world to add lifelike networking and socializing to their hybrid events. It allows attendees to move around the virtual space, from one conversation to another, just like real life.

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