Remote Onboarding Best Practices: Improving Culture & Connections with New Hires

Congrats! You’ve done it! You’ve filled another open position, even despite the Great Resignation and the very serious fight for talent in today’s labor market. Now, it’s time to focus on bringing your staff up to speed quickly and efficiently, wherever they are located. Let’s talk about remote onboarding.

Some areas that present more challenges with remote onboarding over in-person onboarding are establishing genuine connections and promoting your company culture. Without the luxury of being physically together and being able to just hang out in the kitchen or other common areas, HR and other team members need to try a little harder to welcome new folks into the fold.

We’ve compiled this guide of remote onboarding best practices to help you get your new hires up to speed quickly and efficiently, and to help ensure they feel like a real part of the team, regardless of their physical location. Fill out the form below and get started building healthier relationships with your new team.

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