The Scoot Promise: Money-Back Guarantee

Scoot was founded to help companies around the world build healthier relationships using technology. We are so committed to this mission that we are now offering a money-back guarantee for our new clients.

Every new subscription is backed by our money-back guarantee. If you purchase a Scoot subscription, use it actively, and aren’t satisfied after 90 days, we’ll give you your money back.

Scoot is used by over 3300 companies around the globe, across all industries. And it’s not only used, but it’s well loved. In fact, when we have new attendees joining a Scoot room for the first time, you will most likely hear one of these from them:

“Wow! This is so cool!”

“I love that you can move around the room!”

“Why don’t we use this for all of our meetings?!”

The combination of audio proximity and free agency to move around is a unique experience that our users love. Once you try it, it’s hard to return to the static black boxes of some other virtual meeting tools.

Here are some testimonials of actual users from our G2 reviews:

“A refreshing change from Zoom. Scoot works well for getting people to engage with each other directly in a remote setting. Great for side conversations; good for letting me make direct contact quickly with people on my team when a full one-on-one is too much.” – John W.

“Finally – a collaborative video platform that makes sense.” – Francois M.

“Fun way to connect with your employees.” – Kayla M.

“A fantastic tool for remote teams.” – Alec M.

“Scoot is the perfect online cocktail party.” – Michael P.

“Amazing and Unique Social Experience.” – Hunter S.

We’d love to give you a personalized demo to show you how much fun Scoot can be. If you’re looking to engage your remote or hybrid teams, grow closer as a team, and improve team collaboration, Scoot can help. Schedule a demo to learn more. We promise, you’ll love it.