Unveiling the Next-Gen Scootaverse: Fall Release Highlights

The season of change is upon us, and as the leaves turn, so does our commitment to improving your virtual meeting experience. Every feature, every update, every innovation is rooted in our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the virtual world. We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our Fall Release, a game-changer in the virtual meeting sphere.

1. Smart Badging: A Fresh Take on Networking

Networking has never been more immersive. With our new Smart Badging feature, every user interaction takes on a new dimension. No more generic profiles – now you get a peek into the unique traits, professional background, and other nifty details of every participant.

  • Personalized Profile Cards: Whether it’s a snapshot of their career journey, an easy-access LinkedIn link, or a quirky fun fact, these badges are tailor-made to ensure every interaction leaves a lasting impression.

Networking with Depth: Not just an exchange of words, but an exchange of stories. With Smart Badging, you get to know the person behind the screen and continue the narrative even outside the Scootaverse.

2. Stage Magic: Presentation Like You’ve Never Seen Before

For those with a message to share, presenting in a virtual space can sometimes feel lacking in flair. Not anymore. Stage Magic is here to change the game.

  • Transcend Traditional Sharing: More than just slides, it’s an experience. Each slide, each visual, each voice is amplified to its maximum potential.

Embrace Diversity: From varied layouts that suit every presenter’s style to intuitive controls that make every session a breeze, Stage Magic is truly magical.

3. Search & Teleport: Navigate with Ease

The Scootaverse is expansive and ever-evolving. But with our Search & Teleport feature, finding the right contact or session is a piece of cake.

  • Swift and Simple: Just type, click, and you’re there! No more endless searching or manual scrolling.
  • Effortless Engagement: Reach out to the desired contact, join sessions, or hop into spontaneous meetups, all in a matter of seconds.

4. iOS App Evolution: Meet On-the-Go Like Never Before

For our iOS users, a treat awaits. The Scootaverse is now more accessible, agile, and adaptive than ever, right from your device.

  • Revamped Joystick Movement: No more clunky controls. Navigate with precision and excitement, turning every virtual meetup into a delightful journey.
  • Fluid and Responsive: The Scoot experience on iOS is seamless, ensuring you never miss out on any action, even when you’re on the move.

Our Fall Release is not just about new features. It’s about a renewed promise to you, our community. It’s about elevating every interaction, every presentation, every networking opportunity to its fullest potential. We invite you to dive in and bask in the enhanced Scootaverse experience.

Eager to experience these features in real-time? We’re just as excited to show them off. Reach out to us and let’s schedule a live demo.

Thank you for being a cherished part of our journey. Here’s to many more shared successes in the Scootaverse!