How to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged During All-Hands Meetings | Webinar

There’s no denying the all-pervasive power of a well-conducted all-hands meeting. When done right, it can be a game-changer – a dynamic powerhouse that unifies your team, invigorates your work culture, and supercharges productivity. But let’s face it, keeping your remote team engaged for an hour or more can often feel like herding virtual cats. If you’ve ever found yourself in this uphill battle, we’ve got just the lifeline you need.

Webinar: How to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged During All-Hands Meetings

When: August 24 at 1pm EST

Supercharge Your All-Hands Meetings: Engage, Connect, and Energize Your Remote Team

Join us for a transformative webinar: ‘How to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged During All-Hands Meetings.’ It’s not just another seminar with rehashed concepts and monotonous lectures; instead, we’ve put together an interactive, vibrant experience packed with practical strategies, innovative activities, and groundbreaking techniques to keep your team hooked to the content of your All-Hands, week after week.

What can you expect from our webinar?

  • Strategies to strengthen the level of connection between your team
  • Techniques to enhance employee engagement and participation
  • Energy-boosting activities to infuse into your meetings

Event Details

When: Thursday, August 24, 2023 at 1pm EST / 10am PST

Duration: 60 minutes

Speakers: Ed Stevens, Founder & CEO, Scoot

In the current age where our attention spans are infamously shorter than a goldfish’s, maintaining engagement during a 60-90 minute meeting is difficult yet critical. Here’s your chance to crack the code, making your all-hands meetings as dynamic and interactive as they can be, marrying employee engagement with unified team goals seamlessly.

Most importantly, we’re turning the tables on the typical webinar format. Get ready for a lively session filled with movement, mingling, and opportunities for audience contributions. Yes, you read that right! This is your chance to be part of the conversation, not just a silent participant.

Don’t let your team’s potential to connect, collaborate, and create get lost in the maze of monotony. Secure your spot in our groundbreaking webinar and take your remote collaboration to new heights. Register today to start building better relationships and foster a culture of dynamism and engagement in your team!

We hope to see you there!