Reimagine your virtual meetings.

Don’t just meet. Scoot.

Replicate the energy and effectiveness of in-person gatherings and accelerate your business without the high cost of travel. Guaranteed.


Scoot’s virtual meeting technology is so unique, it’s protected by U.S. Patent 11,575,531.

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Move, mingle, and meet.
Just like real life.

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Accelerate business
with better engagement.


Design the perfect space
for every meeting.

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Trusted by forward-thinking hybrid teams around the world.

Create the healthiest relationships possible
at every interaction

Experience Scoot’s virtual meeting platform to foster better connections, break past Zoom fatigue, and build stronger teams, thanks to our patented movement and audio proximity technology.

Lifelike atmosphere

Scoot provides a fully immersive experience that replicates the atmosphere of real-life events. Hear voices get louder as you move closer to others.
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Natural movement

Scoot enables people to move naturally through virtual spaces, allowing participants to be authentically present and strike up spontaneous conversations.
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Dynamic meetings

Improve internal communication and build company culture by promoting engagement whenever you meet virtually.

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of attendees report growing stronger
connections when using Scoot

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Make It Yours

Transform every meeting into a memorable moment with customizable backgrounds, diverse music selections, and unique room items.

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Get the Results You Want, or Your Money Back

We believe in the power of our technology to transform your virtual interactions. If you purchase a Scoot subscription and aren’t satisfied after 90 days, we’ll give you your money back.

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How the Best Companies in the World Run All-Hands Meetings

Looking to increase participation and boost engagement during your All-Hands meetings? Join us on Wednesday, March 29th at 1PM EST and find out how some of the best companies in the world run their all-hands meetings.

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Don’t Just Meet. Scoot.

Experience our innovative virtual meeting platform that
replicates the energy of in-person gatherings.

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