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Host impactful,
large-scale presentations with Stage Magic

Transform your virtual gatherings into engaging experiences using our room customization and dynamic movement features. 

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Engage with audiences of any size 

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Presenter’s Controller

Present, share screen, and livestream to small groups and single rooms across an entire Scootaverse.

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See real-time trends on audience engagement, such as how many cameras are on or off and whether browsers are in or out of focus.

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Audience Engagement

Keep audiences engaged while you present—prompting them to share presentation mood, give reactions, and even whisper to each other. 

See reactions from participants who matter most to you

Personalized Audience Galleries

Create audience galleries based on who you wish to observe during your presentation, from specific office departments to client VIPs. 

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Get energized by crowd energy and feedback

Audience Feedback

No more silence. Enjoy real-time reactions from your audience with visual (thumbs up, emojis, etc.) and audio (claps, whistles) feedback while you take the stage.

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Host interactive meetings with thousands of people

Infinite Scalability

Prepare for your next massive event with our platform that easily accommodates and engages audiences of 10,000+. 

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Set the scene with Stage Magic

Learn how to best engage large audiences and maximize Stage Magic’s practical features by reading our e-book.

Stage Magic e-book

Don’t just meet. Scoot. 

Try out our innovative virtual meeting platform and ultra-engaging features for yourself.

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