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Energize meetings with your own custom Scootaverse

Transform your virtual gatherings into engaging experiences using our room customization and dynamic movement features. 

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Bring people together through movement

Natural Movement

Move through virtual spaces like how you would in person, striking up spontaneous conversations, “bumping” into customers and colleagues, and hearing audio grow louder or softer as you go. 

Higher Focus and Attention

The human brain is stimulated, and attention grabbed, when it senses movement. Increase information retention and engagement.

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Boost business results with authentic engagement

Engaging Interactions

Improve productivity and drive better sales results with engaged attendees moving, mingling, and partaking in deeper conversations.

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Spark enriching group conversations no matter the size

Effortless Scalability

Whether you’re meeting with 5 or 1,000 participants, we always make it easy to communicate with one another. 

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Customize meetings to your brand

Enhanced Brand Experience

Reinforce your messaging and imagery by personalizing meeting spaces according to your branding.

Extensive Features

Access functions and capabilities such as premium music selections, in-room objects, and multiple room feature controls to achieve your desired look
and feel.

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Assemble your Scootaverse with ease

Template Library

Choose from a vast collection of custom-built templates to swiftly get your next meeting set up and ready to go.

User-Friendly Experience

Act like a pro with our simple, intuitive design that makes it easy for you to utilize features without extensive training.

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Elevate your meeting experience

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Brand and Room

Display your brand essence with customizable background themes and room items.

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Premium Music Selections

Choose from our library of 20+ premium music playlists to add background music that fits the tone of your event.

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Extensive Feature Controls

Designate which features are available to your participants and secure your room with join settings.

Dive into the Scootaverse

Get creative with your own Scootaverse and uncover its extensive customization options by reading our e-book.

Dive into the Scootaverse | E-Book

Access Scoot anytime, anywhere

Use Scoot from any location in the world and any device, whether it’s your desktop computer, your mobile phone, or tablet.

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Scootaverse FAQs

A Scootaverse is a virtual space on the Scoot platform made up of one or more rooms where participants can engage in various activities such as all-hands meetings, webinars, customer events, training, networking, and more. It allows for free movement and interaction akin to a real-life environment.
A licensed user with the appropriate permissions can create a Scootaverse. Options for customization and scalability are available based on your subscription level.
Yes, customization options vary based on subscription plans. You can add branding elements, select themes, and even design a layout that mimics your physical office space.
Absolutely. Entering a Scootaverse is designed to be an intuitive and hassle-free experience. Simply click on the invitation link provided, and you will be directed to the virtual space. First-time users will be guided through a brief tutorial to help familiarize themselves with the Scootaverse environment. No additional software downloads are required if you are using a supported web browser.
Scoot places a high priority on security and compliance. All data is encrypted, and various authentication methods are available to restrict access.
Participant limits vary based on your subscription level. Please consult our Pricing page for more information.
Yes, Scoot has a full-featured, native iOS app for iPhone and iPad. We support Android users on the mobile Chrome browser.
Yes, guests can join a Scootaverse—all they need is an invite meeting link from a Scoot license holder.

Don’t just meet. Scoot. 

Try out our innovative virtual meeting platform and ultra-engaging features for yourself.

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