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Strike deeper connections with new and existing customers

Bring your customers together on our immersive platform to connect, explore new products, and reaffirm their loyalty to your brand all while fostering more meaningful relationships with them.

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Where Scoot excels

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Customer Events
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New Product Introductions

Why Scoot?

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Customized Meeting Rooms

Reinforce your messaging and imagery by personalizing event spaces according to your branding.

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Participant Color Coding

Assign colors to meeting attendees based on the data associated with each individual to better sort them.

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High Participant Engagement

Keep your participants engaged through natural movement and an invigorating meeting environment. 

strong connections
Strong Connections

Foster better relationships with more engaged meeting participants.

audience galleries
Audience Galleries

Create audience galleries based on who you wish to observe during your presentation, from specific office departments to client VIPs. 

powerful presentation platform
Powerful Presentation Platform

Effectively present and interact with audiences of all sizes using our impactful features.

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Invaluable Insights

Leverage data and analytics from your event attendees in exciting new ways to improve the overall experience.

Key features

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Stage Magic
Unlock the power of enterprise-wide data in your meetings Smart Badging
Smart Badging
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The go-to for enterprise companies

Scoot's mission resonated strongly with us, and the team really cared about helping us to elevate our culture in the midst of our transition to remote work.

Catherine Campbell - Testimonial
Catherine Campbell

IT Director

Easy to use and innovative social events platform. The clever mix of audio and visual representation is a winner, it brings people to life in a virtual setting - and it's fun too!

Jonathan Hudson - Testimonial
Jonathan Hudson

Platform Partner Manager

Scoot has been a lifeline for our teams. We brought our sales, customer success, and services teams together, which builds trust and only makes our culture stronger.

Mathilde Henry,Testimonial
Mathilde Henry

EMEA Director

Don’t just meet. Scoot. 

Try out our innovative virtual meeting platform and ultra-engaging features for yourself.

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