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Unlock the power of enterprise-wide data in your meetings with Smart Badging

Leverage attendee information to enhance interactions in real-time and amplify business outcomes.

Leverage enterprise-wide data in your meetings

Get more business done faster

Invaluable Insights

Understand your meeting attendees with deeper clarity thanks to exciting, business-oriented engagement measures.

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Visualize attendee information

Simplified Participant Organization

Assign colors to meeting attendees based on data associated with each individual to quickly prioritize participants and ensure you connect with the ones that matter most.

Targeted Attendee Visibility

Personalize color-coding visibility, tailoring it to specific participants or a select group.

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Locate and interact with attendees based on insights from your data

Targeted Engagement

Find the needles in the haystack and spend time with those that matter most to you, regardless of how many people are in the meeting.

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Control your Scootaverse’s entry flow

Seamless Ingress

Use a participant’s information to select the best entry placement for each attendee so that as they enter the Scootaverse, they can gather efficiently into groups that maximize meeting value.

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How Smart Badging works

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Set the stage for superior outcomes with intelligent participant placement, conditional badge viewing, and data-driven pinning in presentation mode.

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Load participant data before your meeting or collect their information upon entry. Integrate two-ways with Marketing Automation and CRM systems.

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Accelerate your business by seeing who’s engaged and who’s talking to whom.

Learn more about Smart Badging

Read our e-book to understand the strategic meeting insights and analytics that make up our proprietary smart badging technology.

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Seamlessly merge your data with Scoot

Integrate data from your existing systems or questionnaires to generate custom, up-to-date insights.

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Don’t just meet. Scoot. 

Try out our innovative virtual meeting platform and ultra-engaging features for yourself.

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