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Deep engagement insights to drive your business further

Maximize the value of your online events through data-driven analytics that provide actionable insights from engagement data.

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Meetings at scale and the value of data

Scoot's patented many-to-many conversational design creates orders of magnitude more subject-relevant data than legacy one-to-many meeting platforms. Rich insights power better decision making for everyone: sales, marketing, customer success, and product teams.

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Collect vital details post-meeting

Trends and Statistics

Create audience galleries based on who you wish to observe during your presentation, from specific office departments to client VIPs. 


Get actionable data in real-time

Live Capabilities

See statistics mid-meeting to take immediate action, such as whose cameras are on, whose browsers are in/out of focus, percentage of attendees still in the meeting, likes, and more. 

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Wrap up meetings with detailed reports

Reporting features

Conclude your meetings with a full data recap that covers:

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Don’t just meet. Scoot. 

Try out our innovative virtual meeting platform and ultra-engaging features for yourself.

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