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Virtual meetings that scale, connect, and power your LLM

Transform your online meetings into dynamic, engaging experiences that drive results.

Leverage the power of many-to-many conversations and capture 1000x more voice data for enterprise AI applications and LLMs.

Virtual meetings that scale, connect, and power your LLM

Move and mingle like you do in person

Be your authentic self in virtual spaces of all sizes with our advanced Social Presence® technology.  Strike up spontaneous conversations, “bump” into each other, and even hear voices get louder or softer as you go.

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Unlock the power of enterprise-wide data in your meetings

Leverage attendee information to enhance interactions in real-time and amplify business outcomes.

Visualize attendee information

Assign colors to meetings attendees based on data associated with each individual to quickly prioritize participants and ensure you connect with the ones that matter. 

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Find and move to attendees based on all your data

Find and move to attendees based on all your data

Find the needles in the haystack and spend time with those who matter most to you, regardless of how many people are in the meeting.

Control your Scootaverse’s entry flow

Use a participant's information to select the best entry placement for each attendee. As guests enter the Scootaverse, everyone can gather efficiently into groups that maximize meeting value.

Control your Scootaverse’s entry flow
Visualize attendee information

Host impactful, large-scale presentations in Scoot

Thoughtfully connect with audiences both big and small for maximum impact. Get energized by audience reactions and feedback during large-scale meetings using our advanced presentation platform.

Craft the perfect space for every meeting and event

Level up both big and small meetings with customizable backgrounds, diverse music selections, and unique room feature controls that make the Scootaverse uniquely yours.

Craft the perfect space for every meeting and event
Gather invaluable insights thumbnail

Gather invaluable insights

Understand your meeting attendees with deeper clarity thanks to exciting business-oriented engagement measures.

Energize your AI and LLM projects with 100x
more data

Enhance training data using small group conversations on Scoot, sparking thousands of dynamic interactions and significantly boosting contextual data for AI and LLM efforts.

Energize your AI and LLM projects with 100x more data
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Upholding world-class security standards

We are fully committed to securing your data's privacy:

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The go-to for enterprise companies

Scoot's mission resonated strongly with us, and the team really cared about helping us to elevate our culture in the midst of our transition to remote work.

Catherine Campbell - Testimonial
Catherine Campbell

IT Director

Easy to use and innovative social events platform. The clever mix of audio and visual representation is a winner, it brings people to life in a virtual setting - and it's fun too!

Jonathan Hudson - Testimonial
Jonathan Hudson

Platform Partner Manager

Scoot has been a lifeline for our teams. We brought our sales, customer success, and services teams together, which builds trust and only makes our culture stronger.

Mathilde Henry,Testimonial
Mathilde Henry

EMEA Director

Seamlessly merge your data with Scoot 

Unlock magic by integrating your data with Scoot—pull data from your CRM, HRIS, or enterprise directory to elevate your Scoot experience. Gain real-time insights on attendees and automate room entry. Strategically group or visually distinguish attendees based on data, and unlock a host of possibilities by harnessing external data.

Scoot comes pre-configured with special connectors to ensure that tying into the API’s of your favorite system is easy, secure, and reliable.

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capturing rich and extensive data for your ai llms

Capturing rich and extensive data for your AI LLMs

We gather each conversation in large Scoot meetings, capturing the context behind attendee interactions to create high-quality transcripts with attributions directed by the meeting host.

Explore our enterprise IT capabilities

explore our enterprise it capabilities

Achieving customer success

We take ownership of ensuring you get full value from your Scoot license. Alongside being lock-stepped with you to optimize your license, we also provide you with these services.

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Training your trainers

We ensure that your trainers are fully certified on how to train your employees and guests on the use of Scoot.

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Scootaverse design and configuration

Our customer success team is ready to help you build the ideal Scootaverses for your next event.

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Live event support

We help your events go off without a hitch, embedding our live customer success team members by request to ensure every detail goes smoothly.

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Enterprise rollout program

Our role is to facilitate the smooth adoption of Scoot across your organization, with active support from our customer success team, wherever you choose to deploy it.

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increased attendance retention through a typical 60-minute webinar

Development API

The Scoot REST API allows programmatic control over your meetings, events, and spaces within Scoot. You can manage everything from rooms to backgrounds, and customize your guests’ experience through an integrated room.

Scoot’s APIs are based on a RESTful approach. It features predictable and resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. Our REST APIs comprise of HTTP methods that you can use to build integrations that don't rely on interactions in the Scoot interface.

development api
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