Don’t Settle for Lame Virtual Meetings

While the pandemic continues to disrupt in-person meetings, and engagement during virtual meetings & events wanes, leaders are struggling to find a solution. Either we face a future of lame, boring, unengaging meetings with a bunch of silent black boxes, or we pivot.

Well, Scoot is here to help. There are many ways to make your virtual events and conferences more engaging and less mind-numbing, and many of these suggestions can be implemented quickly and

Scoot is a virtual meeting & events platform that has been used by leading brands around the world to add lifelike networking and socializing to virtual events.

It allows attendees to move around the virtual space, from one conversation to another, just like real life.

For large meetings of over 25 guests, this allows your group to add network and socializing back into virtual meetings. Audio proximity means that as you move closer or further away from a group of people, you hear them more or less, just as you would in real life.

Over 3300 companies around the world have chosen Scoot to power their virtual meetings and events. Here are some of the most common use cases of the Scoot platform:

  1. All-Hands Meetings: Rather than speaking to a group of silent squares in a grid with no response or feedback, Scoot has been used to add a virtual networking component to these meetings. Junior executives can get face time with the C-suite, allowing their voices to be heard as well as enabling networking for teams around the world.
  2. Virtual Socializing: Virtual happy hours and events get an instant upgrade with Scoot. No only do your guests have the power to move from one conversation to the next, but as the host you can change the room background and room items, as well as adding a music playlist to your event to provide the perfect backdrop for your event.
  3. Recruiting Fairs: For large companies looking to find the diamond in the rough and fill multiple positions at once, virtual recruiting fairs have never been easier. Each Scoot room can hold up to 300 guests at once, and you can connect multiple rooms for unlimited event attendance. This means you can use separate rooms for different roles you are trying to fill, or just spread out around one room for smaller events. Once you find someone you want to connect with, you can move away to have a private conversation.
  4. Virtual Onboarding: Scoot rooms can be customized to match your brand or tell your company story, so onboarding new recruits has never been easier. Use custom room items to guide the group around the room and hit on all the main points you need to cover. Having a group move around the room with you means there won’t be any multi-tasking so you know you have their complete attention.
  5. Networking: Freedom to move and join conversations enables lifelike networking you just can’t get in other virtual meeting platforms. 95% of our customers have reported growing closer to their team since implementing Scoot.

Would you like to see it for yourself? Contact us to schedule a quick demo, so you can
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Don’t settle for unengaging, boring, silent virtual meetings.

When relationships matter, Scoot gets you there.