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Best Affordable Live Stream Platform: What Makes Scoot the Right Choice?

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Live streaming has changed how businesses grow their brands and connect with audiences, by opening the door to hybrid events people otherwise could not have attended in person. While the potential audience who can attend an event virtually is almost limitless, many of those people may not have the time or budget to travel to attend your event in person. If you’re hosting an in-person event and looking to livestream it to expand your potential audience, you may be looking for a platform that can help you host an engaging event without breaking the bank.

This guide shares the benefits of live streaming for businesses and why Scoot is a high-quality yet affordable live stream platform worth checking out today.

What Is Live Streaming? 

Live streaming allows your business to communicate with an audience through broadcasting on the internet in real time. It is a video stream of a live event that virtual attendees online can participate in without physically being in the room. 

Live streaming began in 1995 when a company called RealNetworks successfully broadcasted an MLB game via the internet. Since then, live streaming has evolved into a common practice for many businesses to share news of new product launches, hold company meetings, and conduct Q&A sessions.

4 Benefits of Live Streaming

There are several benefits of utilizing a live streaming platform businesses may want to take advantage of.

  1. Reach a Dispersed Audience

If your company is hybrid and has a lot of remote employees, it can be challenging to organize travel and accommodations for a live in-person event. Instead of having to transport all your remote employees to a certain location, businesses can choose to live stream an in-person event for the remote employees who aren’t in the office.  

  1. Engage With Customers

Live stream platforms enable businesses to engage with customers by hosting live events such as Q&A sessions or product launches. If your customer base is scattered across the country or the globe, live streams are a great way to connect with customers in different locations. Live streams can be saved and posted on social media to be watched at a later time which accommodates different time zones.

  1. Share Content in Real Time

Live streams can be used as high-quality content to provide value to viewers in real time. Why wait until a press release or email goes out later when you could invite customers or employees to follow along with your in-person announcements in real time? Whether your business streams an event announcing a new product launch like Apple or hosts a Q&A session with business or industry leaders, this content can be easily delivered to your target audience the moment it has been created. 

  1. Reduce Costs

Using a live stream platform can reduce costs and increase revenue. Some companies use live streams to facilitate the training of new employees at the same time. This means that travel and lodging costs can be cut while employees still get the training they need to succeed. Live streaming an event and minimizing the in-person guest count can cut your event costs significantly. With Scoot, you get an affordable and high-quality live stream platform for all the events you want to broadcast. 

Now that you know what live streaming is and the benefits of using this method for businesses, let’s discuss what Scoot is and why it’s the best live streaming platform for engaging events. 

What Is Scoot?

Scoot is redefining online virtual meetings, gatherings, and networking. Gone are the days of static images pinned to the screen. Scoot unlocks a new dimension for virtual meeting by replicating what happens when a group of people (small or large) gather together in person to network, share and discuss ideas. Attendees can move around the virtual space, from one conversation to the next, just like real life. The upside is a level of engagement and productivity that resembles in-person meetings, but with the flexibility, speed and cost savings of a virtual meeting.

With Scoot, you can streamline business interactivity and turn your events into memorable experiences without draining your budget. Many live stream platforms can cost upwards of $100K per event depending on the specifications. With Scoot, you never have to worry about going over budget. We make live streaming your business events affordable.

Offer Lifelike Networking to Remote Attendees

Anyone who has attended a hybrid event virtually knows that the experience can often be less than spectacular. One of the things guests love most about in-person events are the networking opportunities that are available in-person. You can move around a room and talk to whomever you want. This isn’t always easy to replicate virtually, so often the remote attendees are left in the dark during networking sessions.

Best Affordable Live Stream Platform: What Makes Scoot the Right Choice? 5 Star app 2

Scoot is different. Scoot’s innovative platform turns virtual live streaming events into authentic gatherings that foster personal connections and enhance company dialogue, leading to better business outcomes. We don’t strive for generic hybrid meetings. We aim to create realistic settings that promote meaningful conversations and productive relationships.  

So rather than your remote attendees watching a silent black screen during the networking session, they can join into a Scootaverse, move around and network the same way. If building relationships is a priority for your team, networking for virtual attendees is an important aspect you need to consider for your livestreamed events.

Why Use Scoot As Your Live Stream Platform?

If you want to offer the same fun interactive elements of an in-person event to your virtual attendees, Scoot is a great option. Virtual attendees can still move around and network with other individuals even though they aren’t in the room. They are not just stuck in the same spot with little ability to interact with other attendees or presenters. So while your in-person folks are networking together, you can offer the same relationship building opportunities to your virtual events in the Scootaverse.

Best Affordable Live Stream Platform: What Makes Scoot the Right Choice? Scoot Better Hybrid Meetings
Best Affordable Live Stream Platform: What Makes Scoot the Right Choice? Scoot Better Hybrid Meetings 5

Despite its stellar features, you might wonder if Scoot can enhance employee connections and foster personal interactions. Here is how Scoot rises above and beyond against other live stream platforms.

Host Engaging Hybrid Events

Add lifelike networking for your remote attendees. Authenticity is the essential attribute that makes our platform unique. By focusing on natural movements, music, and customizable backgrounds, you can create a non-disruptive experience that makes your meetings feel like personal gatherings instead of boring sessions.

Design the Perfect Space to Match Your Event

How many platforms allow you to customize your backgrounds or select the music that fits your artistic style? Better yet, how many platforms allow you to move naturally around a virtual room so you can establish better connections with your co-workers? With Scoot, you have the flexibility to modify your virtual settings and create interactive sessions suited for your co-workers. 

Mobile App Connectivity

With Scoot, virtual attendees can use the iOS app or Android to easily connect with guests at live streamed events. No matter their location, users can participate in live streams, even on the go!

Live Event Support

Executing a successful live streaming event requires more than just a high-quality virtual platform. You also need a support team to help you navigate your first event. With our turnkey meeting services, you receive quality support services before, during, and after an online session. We can help manage breakout rooms and direct polling questions to enhance member participation.

Affordable Licenses for Businesses 

Scoot offers several plans to accommodate your virtual capabilities, technical setups, and onboarding support services. Live streaming is available for business and enterprise licenses. Our enterprise plan offers advanced single sign-on authentication services, detailed analysis, and ROI tracking metrics. If you need more information about our product’s live streaming capabilities, get in touch with our sales team.

Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, there is no financial commitment. Every Scoot subscription comes with our Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase after 90 days, we will refund you. 

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Try Scoot for Your Hybrid Events

When it comes to selecting the best live stream platform, Scoot provides the features and support you need to host live streams that inspire. Don’t settle for a live stream platform that doesn’t promote natural networking and engagement. Our comprehensive affordable platform can help you replicate real-life events, establish authentic interactions, and boost engagement for long-term productivity

Contact us to explore your options.  

Best Affordable Live Stream Platform: What Makes Scoot the Right Choice? CTA Dont Just Meet. Scoot 1
Best Affordable Live Stream Platform: What Makes Scoot the Right Choice? CTA Dont Just Meet. Scoot 1 6

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