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10 Non-Boring Hybrid Team-Building Activities to Try ASAP

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It’s no surprise that today’s working landscape is gradually shifting towards hybrid work. As employers navigate the opportunities and challenges brought on by new work dynamics, they must also figure out how to establish an efficient remote community. This is where hybrid team-building activities come into play.

If you’re an employer hoping to spice up your workplace with virtual engagement ideas, this guide is for you. Continue reading to learn more about hybrid activities and take the first step towards establishing a tight-knit work community with higher employee engagement and productivity rates.

10 Culture-Building Activities for Hybrid Work

Whether you’re hoping to strengthen your workforce or create an enjoyable virtual atmosphere, there are several fun ways to stay connected when working remotely. Here are some hybrid team-building activities to consider for your next online gathering. 

1. Trivia

Most people love trivia and winning a round via team-collaboration will bond employees together. Have members pick their favorite trivia topic before the virtual meet-up and then create a branded room matching that trivia theme. Want to make it more work-related? Try company trivia and see who knows the most about your company’s history or culture.

Don’t forget to pick a great MC for the event and prizes for the winning team. 

2. Never Have I Ever

If you want to learn more about your employees personally, Never Have I Ever is a great activity. This game involves a presenter making a statement about something they have never done. 

Whoever has done an action that was stated must confess to the audience. The revelation can be done in several ways.

Attendees can take a drink or say “guilty” if they’ve done that action. It’s a fantastic way to learn about your colleagues and their mischievous past!

3. Icebreakers

Icebreakers are an excellent way to start conversations and create a fun atmosphere during team-building. Some fun icebreaker ideas include questions like, ‘Any hidden talents?’ and ‘What’s the best joke you can tell?’. 

Make the experience all the more enjoyable with Scoot’s Virtual Meeting Platform. Rather than being stuck in a grid of gray boxes, attendees can move around the virtual space from one conversation to the next, just like real life. It’s realistic networking, virtually. And it’s great for team building.

4. Charades

Lighten up your online gatherings with some hilarious acting performances. The game Charades involves participants acting out a movie scene, character, or just about anything without saying a word. 

The idea is to have other attendees make their best guesses on what a participant is acting out in a limited time frame. You can even turn this into a competitive match by splitting your attendees into two or more teams.

5. Happy Hour

Sometimes, all you need is a virtual happy hour where attendees can reflect on their time with the company. There are no restrictions to this activity. You can even turn this into a mixology activity and have attendees demonstrate their bartending skills by having them make the same drink.

Having hosted many virtual happy hours on Scoot ourselves, we suggest having some sort of activities or icebreakers ready to go in case your team needs help getting the conversation flowing.

6. Recipe Swap or Cookbook Club

Some employees don’t enjoy games or fast-paced team-building activities. Consider hosting a recipe swap. Have team members brainstorm their favorite recipe to share with the group. Feel free to pick a theme like foods to make in the summer or top breakfast favorites. 

Each team member will be assigned another employee’s recipe. Encourage each employee to make the new dish and bring it to the next meet-up.

For cookbook club, everyone agrees one a cookbook and each person chooses a recipe to make out of it for the next in-person gathering. Then you have a variety of foods to taste when you’re together. Both of these are an opportunity to forge real relationships and bonding over food and mutual creativity. 

7. Whose Office Is It? 

This is an interesting game to learn more about virtual co-workers. Have each team member take a picture of their workspace and send it in before the meet-up. Then, using file sharing on a platform like Scoot, you can show each workspace and have members match the office to the employee. 

This is a great way to help employees learn more about each other and facilitate conversation.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Similar to other activities, this can be done in several ways. For in person teams, you can create a list of clues beforehand that your attendees must solve. Then, have your attendees split up into teams as they attempt to navigate through the complex undertaking. Make the hunt even more competitive by offering a prize to the winning team.

A virtual scavenger hunt is a popular way to keep attendees engaged and captivated through competitive exercises. All you need is a list of items. The moderator says each one, and everyone has a certain amount of time (2-5 mins) to look for that thing in their house and bring it back. You can give points to anyone who finds that specific item, and extra points to the first person to show it to you.

9. Two Truths & A Lie

This lighthearted activity is exactly what it sounds like: participants take turns saying two truths and one lie about themselves. The key is trying to figure out which one is the lie. This is a great way to encourage participants to open up about themselves and become comfortable with each other.

10. Recognition Party

If you’re wondering about culture-building activities, a recognition party goes a long way in creating an efficient community with members that value each other. Use this activity as an opportunity to reflect on your organization’s process and acknowledge everyone’s contributions. It’s a subtle activity that can encourage your employees to stick with you for the long run.

75 Team Building Activities

Looking for more ideas? Check out this list of 75 awesome team building activities and event ideas for your hybrid or remote teams!

10 Non-Boring Hybrid Team-Building Activities to Try ASAP 75 Awesome Ideas for Virtual Team Building Activities and Events 3 1
10 Non-Boring Hybrid Team-Building Activities to Try ASAP 75 Awesome Ideas for Virtual Team Building Activities and Events 3 1 2

Stay Connected With Scoot

Here at Scoot, we believe that hybrid team-building activities are essential to strengthening employee satisfaction, productivity, and communication skills. If you want to learn more about ways to build an efficient hybrid workforce, download our guide on activities to boost engagement.

Once you’re ready to empower your hybrid workforce, request a demo of our platform.

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