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Virtual Town Hall Meetings Guide: Benefits & Best Practices

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In an era driven by hybrid work, virtual town hall meetings have changed how companies foster engagement and the direction of their organization. Nowadays, companies must embrace the opportunities of remote connectivity to establish expectations, organizational changes, and long-term objectives.

So the question remains: what is a town hall meeting? And how do you run a successful one? Keep reading this in-depth article to learn more about them and how to get started. 

What Is a Virtual Town Hall Meeting?

A virtual town hall meeting is a large-scale event where company leadership meets virtually with their employees. They are also sometimes referred to as All-Hands meetings, where you gather all of the company together. This can involve a limited number of speakers with a clear agenda, addressing attendees. The purpose of a town hall meeting is to gather your organization and discuss several areas of interest. 

Areas of interest may include product launches, management changes, employee expectations, and company objectives. The idea is to keep organization personnel on the same page and provide more context on changes and developments, offering a time for questions and clear communication.

The Benefits of a Virtual Town Hall Meeting

A large virtual town hall opens the door to long-term success for management and employees. Here are some of the reasons to host them:

  • No geographical constraints: It is no surprise that employers must adapt to remote practices to communicate with their employees. Having the ability to engage with personnel online is a necessity, not a luxury. A hybrid town hall meeting removes the constraints of physical meetings and can improve communication. 
  • Increases engagement: There is little to no value in a company that has trouble engaging with its workforce. Senior personnel can go the extra mile by setting up online town halls for remote employees, thereby improving engagement through interactive virtual experiences.
  • Cost savings: This one is a no-brainer. Virtual town hall meetings bypass the need to spend money on venues, parking fees, airfare, hotels, etc. Not only does this help a company avoid unnecessary expenditures, but remote employees will enjoy the flexibility of online town hall meetings.
  • Reinforces company culture: Every business has a unique identity. A virtual town hall meeting is an opportunity to reinforce a sense of community through shared values, objectives, and individual strengths.
  • Opportunity to address changes: At some point, every business changes directions. Employers can take advantage of town hall meetings to update workers on changes involving company objectives, management, and employee responsibilities. This way, no one has to feel lost.  
Virtual Town Hall Meetings Guide: Benefits & Best Practices CTA Love Your All Hands Guide
Virtual Town Hall Meetings Guide: Benefits & Best Practices CTA Love Your All Hands Guide 3

Tips on Improving the Virtual Town Hall Experience

You can enhance a large virtual town hall for attendees with proper planning and preparation. Here are some tips to consider:

Select the right virtual meeting platform

It is vital to select a virtual meeting platform that can enhance the experience for attendees. Aim for a hosting system that can support the magnitude of your event. Look for ones that offer high-quality video, enhanced audio, and can accommodate a large number of participants like Scoot.

A platform like Zoom is adequate as it allows video sharing and can host lots of members. However, for a platform designed to forge relationships and facilitate networking, look no further than Scoot. Our platform has the same networking capabilities as an in-person event and lets people move around and customize their experience. 

Try Scoot today!

Switch up your moderators and presenters

You don’t always want to rely on the same few people from your leadership team to moderate virtual town hall meetings. If you’re hoping to boost engagement, change it up! Ask for volunteers to present before the town hall. Alternatively, you could create a schedule where everyone can have a turn to present. 

This allows members to get to know each other and build direct relationships with each new moderator. 

Establish clear objectives with an agenda

No virtual gathering is complete without clear objectives. What do you hope to gain from your town hall meeting? Is it to discuss quarterly sales? Communicate management changes? Find new business prospects? Once you have your objectives, you can focus on developing a coordinated agenda. 

Also, think about the types of activities and content you will need for your presentation. The key is to ensure a smooth virtual experience with a clear purpose.

Make the experience an interactive one

Virtual town hall meetings are about establishing a sense of community. As the organizer, you should strive to create an interactive experience. This way, your employees feel valued and appreciated. You can do this through Q&A sessions, live polls, quizzes, break-up meetings, etc. Engage your members by turning your event into a pleasant gathering rather than some boring virtual conference. Add 5 minutes of networking and socializing to the beginning or end of your meeting content to boost engagement and interaction. 

Send a recap and a post-event survey

Record your town hall for members who were unable to attend. Send any meeting notes along with a pre-recorded video so viewers can better understand what took place. Finally, follow up with your attendees by sending them a post-event survey. Acquire their feedback, along with any suggestions and constructive criticisms. Use this information to craft a better experience for future gatherings.

In addition, consider polling members before the town hall and gather any questions they have. This will help your team prep answers, creating a more tailored experience for members. 

Start Your Virtual Town Hall With Scoot

Want to take your virtual town hall meeting to the next level? If so, Scoot can get you started. Our Social Presence platform can transform your virtual experience, allowing participants to interact naturally, move around rooms, and establish authentic connections with each other.

Don’t settle for boring town hall meetings in Zoom. Request a demo to learn more about Scoot today.

Virtual Town Hall Meetings Guide: Benefits & Best Practices CTA Dont Just Meet. Scoot
Virtual Town Hall Meetings Guide: Benefits & Best Practices CTA Dont Just Meet. Scoot 4

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