Scoot’s Summer 2022 Release is Here!

What’s better than a hot summer day? Hot new software that elevates the Scoot platform to a whole new level! We are excited to announce the release of the features most requested by Scoo community members and users. It’s time to accelerate business in the new normal of hybrid work. Read on to learn more about the new features coming out this summer.

Push an on-site livestream to a Scoot room

In-person meetings always start and finish with valuable networking and sidebar conversations. Now your organization can deliver the same relationship-building opportunities in Scoot for meeting attendees who can’t be there in person, while live-streaming the content from an on-site event. It’s easy to create a Scoot room, connect an RTMP feed, and host a meeting everyone will rave about. Plus, users can combine live-streaming with Scoot’s Connected Rooms to expand meeting capacity to fit every need. 

Record presentations and share your memorable moments

By far our most requested feature, recording means you can enable valuable networking and socializing in Scoot, and also share presentations and content after the meeting with those who couldn’t attend live. Simply start recording, download the video file when the event is done, and distribute it accordingly.

Hear everyone clap and laugh with Real Audience Response

Our new, patent-pending Real Audience Response technology gives presenters the feedback needed to turn it up or down a notch, or to speed up or slow down. Don’t rely on chat messages and emojiis to read the virtual room. Hear it for yourself, and never look back. 

New first-time attendee tutorial. Customize it, too

We’ve streamlined our new user tutorial to make it faster for attendees to join a Scoot room. If anyone ever prefers the old tutorial, they can request to keep it for their account. We’ve even added the ability to use a customized, branded tutorial, which is terrific for large corporate meetings and events. Customized tutorials are available only on the Enterprise tier.

To learn more about any of the new features or see them in action for yourself, request a live demo from one of Scoot’s team members. We would love to show you!