Discover What’s Fresh: Exploring Scoot’s Spring 2023 Release

Introducing Scoot’s Spring ‘23 Release: Designed to Enhance Your Virtual Meeting Experience

We’re excited to announce the launch of Scoot’s Spring 2023 Release including several new features on Scoot, our revolutionary virtual meeting platform. As we strive to deliver more control, customization, and quality to our users, our latest enhancements reflect our commitment to creating a seamless, immersive, and personalized virtual meeting experience. Get ready to take your meeting experiences to new heights!

Customizable Image Backgrounds

The first major feature we’re rolling out is the Image Background. With this, Producers now have the ability to create a background consisting of a single, expansive image. Imagine placing a map as your background and allowing participants to navigate it – a truly immersive experience!

Additionally, Producers can opt to include the image background in the room’s Mini Map, aiding participants in their navigation. Conversely, if Producers prefer a more minimalistic approach, they can choose to have only the background color represented in the room Mini Map.

And there’s more! Now, even before entering the room, participants can get a glimpse of the chosen image background. This appears on both the entry room and the guest sign-in page, enhancing the overall experience, particularly for networking and themed events.

New Tailored Room Sizes

Next on the list, we’ve made changes to the way room sizes work. Rather than expanding with the number of guests present, rooms now come in six static sizes with set capacities. This means that the feel of your virtual space will always be ideal for the size of your event, preventing overcrowding or underutilization.

Our new Room Sizes inclued:

Mini: up to 10 attendees

Small: up to 25 attendees

Medium: up to 75 attendees

Large: up to 125 attendees

Extra Large: up to 200 attendees

Jumbo: up to 300 attendees

You can find this new feature under Advanced Settings > Room Size, where you can select the most appropriate room size for your event.

Upgrade to HD Presenter

For those of you who’ve wished for better video quality during presentations, we heard you! Presenters will have the option to upgrade their video quality to HD. This feature, which we will roll out over the next few weeks, promises to enhance the visual experience during presentations by using a higher bitrate, transforming the previously lower quality video to HD.

Custom Entry Flows

Last but certainly not least, we’re introducing custom Entry Flows. Previously, participants could only enter a room in a spiral pattern. As we roll this feature out over the next few weeks, Producers will have the ability to customize how and where participants enter a Scootaverse, enhancing the overall flow and experience within your virtual space.

Our new Entry Flow options include:

Default Entry Flow: Participants can enter in a spiral or a grid pattern.

People Proximity Entry Flow: This feature places participants around specific Group Formers based on participant metadata rules set by the Producers.

Account Entry Flow: Ideal for webinars, this flow makes any participant in the account a Group Former.

Custom Entry Flow: Producers can create custom rules based on participant metadata to set who should be a group former.

Starting Point Entry Flow: This allows Producers to create a journey map where participants enter at a specific location and are guided through an experience.


Our goal for Scoot’s Spring 2023 Release and with these updates is to provide you with an even better, more immersive, and tailored experience. We hope you enjoy these new features to the patented social presence platform, and as always, we are eager to hear your feedback and suggestions. Keep exploring the Scootaverse!