6 Unique Features of Scoot that Improve Virtual Collaboration

In today’s remote-centric business landscape, improving virtual collaboration has become a vital need for companies around the globe. Enterprises require solutions that provide an engaging, interactive, and lifelike experience to mimic the natural flow of in-person meetings. Solutions that help to foster strong connections among team members drive productivity. Scoot is one platform that’s proving to be a game-changer in this arena, with its unique features designed specifically to enhance teamwork and connectivity in a remote setting.

This post is dedicated to exploring the distinctive aspects of Scoot that have reshaped the virtual meeting landscape and have facilitated better remote collaboration. Let’s delve into how Scoot stands as a premium solution, with 95% of users reporting stronger connections, driving improved virtual collaboration through its innovative features.

1. Embrace the Freedom of Movement

Firstly, let’s explore Scoot’s innovative movement capability. Picture a traditional virtual meeting — static video boxes, limited interaction, and stilted conversations. Now imagine a platform that allows you to move naturally and authentically through a virtual space, engaging in dynamic group discussions, joining conversations, and then exiting with ease. This is the revolutionary reality with Scoot.

In a world where virtual interaction often replaces physical presence, the ability to roam freely and have groups engage in a multitude of conversations simultaneously can be highly impactful. It emulates the physical networking experience, from team meetings to larger scale conferences. Scoot lets you meet more people, share more ideas, and, ultimately, get more done.

2. A Lifelike Auditory Atmosphere that Fosters Connections

Scoot’s commitment to virtual collaboration is further evident in the unique immersive lifelike atmosphere that it produces. Scoot replicates the auditory dynamics of a physical space, with voices growing louder as you move closer to participants, fostering intimate and focused group discussions. This intuitive audio proximity feature allows for fluid transitions between conversations and aids in building meaningful relationships.

3. Amplify Voices with Dynamic Audience Mixing

Traditional virtual meeting platforms often restrict audience participation and make it difficult to have open conversation, leading to a lecture-like scenario that is neither engaging nor collaborative. Scoot’s dynamic set of advanced audience settings allow hosts to control the manner in which participants interact with the room and the presenters. Completely customize this experience, or choose an interaction mode that suits your needs and ensure diverse voices are heard.

With settings that allow for interaction between the audience and presenter, large meetings can still foster healthy discussions. Whether it’s enabling group conversations, providing a ‘push to speak’ option, or opening up audience participation, Scoot ensures that everyone has a chance to contribute to the discourse.

4. Enhance Teamwork with Group Screen Share

Collaboration is at the heart of any successful team, and Scoot’s Group Screen Share functionality facilitates just that. Participants can form groups with their teams and share their screens to just the select group, making it easy to present documents, slideshows, websites, or any other content. This feature allows breakout groups to share multiple screens simultaneously within a single room, creating a more intimate and private platform for discussing information. Not only does this feature enhance collaboration, but it also improves efficiency as executives can move around the room, viewing different screens and engaging with various teams.

5. Experience the Magic of Customizable Meeting Spaces

No two company cultures are alike, and neither should be their virtual meeting spaces. Scoot understands the importance of branding and offers completely customizable meeting spaces. Display your logo, use company colors, highlight core values, and more in order to create an environment that echoes your brand essence. Creating a unique space that feels like your own enhances team cohesion and promotes a sense of belonging, thereby boosting overall morale and productivity.

6. Seamless Access with the Mobile App

Lastly, Scoot’s mobile app ensures seamless access to meetings, no matter the location of the participants. With the rise of remote work, this is an invaluable asset for any virtual meeting platform. Whether using an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, Scoot’s mobile app and on-the-go access guarantees that no one misses out on crucial conversations.


In an era where virtual interaction is the new norm, it’s essential to find the right tools to help your team navigate and thrive in this landscape. From fostering natural and engaging conversations to enhancing the immersive experience of virtual meetings, Scoot has revolutionized the way businesses connect and collaborate.

With 95% of attendees reporting stronger connections when using Scoot, it’s clear that it’s more than just a meeting platform—it’s a solution designed for creating meaningful, healthy relationships in a hybrid work setting. Ready to see how you can start improving virtual collaboration with Scoot? Get started today. It’s time to take your virtual meetings to the next level!