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Brigham Young University (BYU) eLearning with Scoot

Brigham Young University (BYU) eLearning with Scoot

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At BYU, replicating in-person networking for business students in a hybrid setup was challenging. Zoom failed to foster relationship-building, with students often disengaging post-lecture. Professor Sean Bair sought a more vibrant environment beyond just lectures.


Bair discovered Scoot’s dynamic capabilities ideal for mimicking in-person interactions. Adopting Scoot, he noted amplified student involvement. Unlike being confined to breakout rooms, students freely navigate diverse simultaneous conversations, rejuvenating the hybrid classroom feel. He said about Scoot, “This technology is awesome, and it was so easy to use. My students found the movement and music fun, and more fun means more engagement and better learning. I will definitely continue to use Scoot for future classes.”


The use of Scoot at BYU resulted in enhanced student engagement, with a more interactive layout leading to higher participation in discussions. Students could fluidly switch between various ongoing dialogues, restoring a human touch to the hybrid learning setup and strengthening relationships among peers.



Increased Student Engagement Students Joined More Than One Conversation More Dynamic Discussions

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